Bumper-Balls – The original Bubble Football Zorbs and AquaZorb Walk on Water Balls

We are a tried and trusted supplier of Water Walking Balls, Bumper Balls and other inflatable activities designed to get kids and adults active and having fun.

AquaZorbs and Bumper-Balls have proved to be a huge success all over the UK, USA and Europe in swimming pools, holiday parks, scout activity centres, lakes and beaches.

Our products have been designed to meet the strict health and safety requirements for use in the UK, Europe and the US and are made of our own unique blend of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). We do not sell the cheaper quality balls which are made of PVC as these can break easily, discolour in the sun, be very heavy and can irritate the skin of the rider.

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Quality Zorbing Products

Our quality and service cannot be beaten – only the strongest materials available are used in all of our products.

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We are currently offering 5% off the total amount of your invoice across a majority of our products including our brand new product the “ABU Glide” electric self-balance scooter until the end of November!

This discount can be used alongside all offers currently advertised on our websites.

So, for example you can now order 10 Bumper-Balls and get your free extra Bumper-Ball, electric pump and delivery or, buy 6 AquaZorbs at the discounted bulk rate and get a further 5% off the invoice total!

Also, don’t forget also we sell all repair and maintenance materials you may need to keep your operation running smoothly and at its maximum potential. These items are also included in the 5% discount offer.

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We now offer free worldwide standard delivery on all our items. Express Worldwide is also available at a low cost.

Our Products

To the right are just a few of our high quality products. We have a variety or products ranging from Bubble Football Zorbs to Water walking Balls (Human Hamster Balls)

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Bumper-Balls are Bubbles that fit over the user allowing them to do activities like play football

Walk on Water balls

Walk on Water Balls are Zorbs that allow you to do just that! Walk on Water!

Water Rollers

Water Rollers are a Longer Zorb which can fit multiple persons inside to enjoy the fun.

Land Zorbing

Land Zorbing is where you get into a Zorb and run around the ground or a pre made track!

Water Sausage

A water sausage is a sausage shape Zorb specifically designed for on water.

Watersports Range

We have a variety of products in our WaterSports range to be enjoyed in a lake or out at sea.